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Huschelis fluffy Dungeon of Darkness

Phear meh!

Snape Uke event was awesome!
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I can die happily now!

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Selling - Harry Potter Doujinshi

I have been living in Japan for half a year and thus I ended up with waaay to many Doujinshi (most of them Harry Potter). Since I can't possibly take them all with me when I'll go back home in September, I sorted a few to sell (there will probably be more closer to September...).

Most are Snape and/or Marauder centric. Some have adult content. Most not though. I'll state the contents as clear as possible. Of course, since Doujinshi are a Japanese thing, all of them are Japanese!

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Killed all the Gods, am back again!
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Long time no write! I was incredible busy with university - and if I weren't busy with that I worked part time to get enough money to buy all the stuff I need :D
Talking of "stuff", I got myself a PS3. I was at bit vary if I should spend so much money on a console first (they get old so fast and I never was a huuuge gamer) but I'm very happy with this choice, as it has the probably most incredible game ever! Well, I'm talking about God of War of course! I've always loved bloody hack-n-slash-button-mash games and...well, this takes that genre probably to the top! While the story is sort of not really special (not to mention I have yet to play part 1 and 2) and the main character makes it hard to like him (though I did become sort of a Kratos fangirly to be honest), the game play is very enjoyable and it never gets boring. There were some parts where the puzzles got a bit annoying but have to do something for your brain once in a while :D
The soundtrack is just epic. If you love loud smashing orchestras, you'll most likely love the soundtrack just as much as I do.

*cough* An I was very grateful the sex scene could be skipped, because right at that moment my mom thought she needs to check on what I was playing O_O'

Well, to sum it up:

Grimms Manga Ch.02
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Sorry it took me so long for this, but I had to learn lots of Kanji and didn't really have the time to translate anything. But now I finished it finally. It has not been properly proofreaded, so if you find some faults, just post them.
But for now, enjoy!

Grimms Manga by Kei ishiyama
Grimms_Manga_023 Megaupload

For Direct-Download Links for Ch. 01 and 02, go over to sscans (they're friends locked though).

Grimms Manga Chapter 1
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Yay, I started a new project (*inner voice: finish the other one first!*) and I finally finished the first chapter. It's not perfect though as it hasn't been proofreaded by anyone with English as their first language. So, maybe some of you guys can point out the mistakes (if there are any). And now: ENJOY! Yay!

Grimms Manga Chapter 1 in English
Grimms_Manga_000 Grimms Manga by Kei ishiyama

Bucket List
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So yeah, I've just seen the Bucket List (good movie) and decieded "Hey, I need to do such a thing too!" and so I will.
10 things I want to do in my life (and trying to keep it as realistic as possible)

1. Make as many people and beings happy as possible.
I think this point belongs on everyones list even if it sounds totally cheesy.
2. Work for some animal rights / rescue thingie.
Yeaahhh for real, I always wanted to do that - why not do it in Japan? As long as it's not Peta.
3. Getting a comic published.
If I would finally start to practice my drawing and think of a story this wouldn't bee too much of a problem...
4. Visit *takes a breath* the US (especially my family there), China (some parts at least), Thailand (once more), Japan (definately :D), and Kim in Australia (need to go to a Metal concert with her). Actually I want to see as many places as possible. The earth's big and beautiful. It's too much of a waste to not see a smuch of it as possible. ^^
5. Getting all the My little ponies I want and give them as a gift to little girls and collectors before I die :D
6. Visit the Osamu Tezuka museum (since the guy's already dead and so the "get a Tezuka autograph in my BJ Hardcover book" is quite impossible. Damn >.<)
7. Riding a horse somewhere out in nowhere (and do some camping.)
Hey, horses are kinda cool and I only sat on them twice and never for long, so I need to change that.
8. Get a "Dr." title in whatever subject I manage that. Dr. Amstalden. Awww that sound~
9. Find the guy of my life.
Would be cool at least. Otherwhsie I'll have to do all those points on that list myself :D
10. Make my parents proud~

Soo that's it. Some points are farely easy to do if you really want it - but it was intended to be realistic after all.
So, and what about you guys? I wanna know! Everyone post! I know you read it!

Me has a new hairstyle!
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And it fits with ma glasses XD

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I am a:
My personality type: the determined realist. Take the free iPersonic personality test!

Fits quite well (except for the sports thing. What the hell! :D)

Happy Birthday Rukaaa! :D
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Happy Birthday! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Omedetô! Bonne anniversaire!

I hope you have a nice day :D

Roros Journey by Osamu Tezuka
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Finally my first Scanlation is finished. It took half a year, because I did everything myself ^^'

Osamu Tezuka (yes, the one that's also called "the God of Manga") is well known for his huge variety of short stories that have been collected in 20 manga volumes so far. I'm starting now with "Roros Journey" because it's my personal favourite. I will do more. Maybe even all, if many people want them. But right now, I'll stick to my favourites.

If you like tragic animal stories, this one's for you.
But please don't upload anywhere else without asking first. Thank you.

Roros Journey by Osamu Tezuka
LJ Cover_Short Story Collection Vol._03 Click here to get it!

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